Wall Beds in downtown Toronto condos

With space always at a premium in condos, having a wall bed – also referred to as a murphy bed or fold-out bed – is a smart idea. The thing is, you still need to be smart about how you use the space when the wall bed is up and hidden, so that your use of space truly stays maximized.

In the olden days of wall beds, a bed would fold up and just look like a cupboard-less cabinet against a wall, serving no real purpose when the bed was not in use. Innovation started to come into the industry more recently though, particularly with the advent of smaller and smaller bachelor units that necessitated wall beds that could provide new and interesting alternate functions while in its upright position. New ideas such as shelving, desks, dining tables, couches and more began to be seen in the new designs. 

In the Toronto area, some of the best places to consider checking out wall beds come from the following companies:

B.O.F.F. Wall Beds: A more traditional retailer, they are known for practical pieces that are well made and from a well respected company in the industry with a lot of history.

Wall Beds
B.O.F.F. Wall Beds

Resource Furniture: The big player in really innovative designs for all around a condo, these morphing pieces of furniture will blow your mind with their creativity and sleek, modern and simple style.

Wall Beds
Resource Furniture

Gautier: Newer to the wall bed scene, these sleek European pieces of furniture from this French company allow different options for dining, study and entertainment purposes.

Wall Beds Toronto

Keep in mind that wall beds are a commitment. They are meant to be permanent pieces of furniture that are not usually transportable to new locations, or at least not in the sense that it can be done with undue damage obvious on the wall it’s mounted to or the wall bed itself. When a wall bed is installed, the baseboards are usually ripped off and major brackets and screws are attached to the wall. Most also have complicated assemblies that are done by representatives of the manufacturers, and aren’t easy to disassemble. 

In short, wall beds are a fantastic idea for maximizing the space of a condo, but they are generally lasting decisions that will become part of the condo for the longterm.  

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