Toronto condo hydro

With the cost of hydro only going up in the foreseeable future, it’s important to consider how to minimize your monthly hydro costs. Here are some tips and ideas to that end:

Time-of-Use Rates

I’m amazed how many people aren’t aware of the Time-of-Use charts published by Toronto Hydro on there website, which are seasonally dependant. Choosing to run a load of laundry at 12pm versus 8pm will at least double the cost of the electricity charges. Making the decision to operate your more energy guzzling appliances, such as ovens, laundry units and dishwashers in the evening and/or on weekends instead of during weekdays will actually reduce the costs associated by 50% or more. To stay informed on the annually changing rates for the Time of Use, check out Toronto Hydro’s website here.

Toronto condo hydro
***Note that this image is for illustrative purposes only, as the pricing and time of day periods change throughout the year. Please check Toronto Hydro’s website for the most up-to-date information.

Keep in mind that not all condo buildings use Toronto Hydro as their electricity provider, so you’ll need to see what programs other companies use if your building runs off a different energy provider.

Energy Star

Whenever the time comes to replace a broken appliance, do the research to find the best priced energy efficient appliances. With the Energy Star rating system, you’ll be able to see how efficiently an appliance runs relative to other models to know if your purchase is a wise one for energy consumption. A sticker on the appliance will show a scale of expected energy consumption: the lower the amount of energy consumed, the better for your electricity bills!

Toronto Hydro Incentives

Did you know that Toronto Hydro is actively working to help you reduce your hydro bill? It might seem counter-intuitive for them to be doing that, but Toronto Hydro has a big incentive to do this because of burgeoning hydro use from all of the new condo towers and the associated increases in demand, which are posing future service problems for our limited and aging infrastructure. Take a peak on Toronto Hydro’s website here to see what current programs and incentives are being offered at the moment, as it’s constantly changing. 

Being prudent with your hydro use not only saves you money but is also the responsible thing to do for you to decrease your environmental footprint. Limiting your power use is helpful for you and the planet!

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