On the job: solving the slow flowing bathroom drain

Looking for a condo handyman to help fix the slow flow of water out of your kitchen and bathroom drains? Why not try a handywoman instead!

At one of our most recent jobs, the owner of this condo was concerned about how slowly the water drained from his bathroom faucets. After only a few seconds, the water would start to pool and take five times longer than that to wash away. So, obviously there wasn’t a full clog, but there was definitely more at play happening inside the pipes.

With some clearing out of the bottom cabinet, we were able to take off the p-trap (the U-shaped pipe that holds water in the drain to prevent sewer smells from wafting up, while also catching a lot of debris before it heads deeper into the pipe system), and lo and behold, the source of the problem was evident:

Condo handyman repair


Obviously not a pretty sight, but it’s certainly fulfilling to pull all of that built-up hair and grime away! Additionally, the pipe was being clogged with untold black, slimy, goo (toothpaste and whatever else?!?), so a full cleaning of the pipe from the sink to the exposed bottom was in order. We unhooked the sink stopper and cleaned that along with the internal lever mechanism too! When all was done, it was as clean as a whistle and the faucet couldn’t keep up with the speed of the drain.

Contact us to help solve this problem for you, along with any others you might encounter in your condo!


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