Our Rates

Handiwork Fixes and Repairs

For handiwork services, we charge a base fee of $35 for a service call plus $65 for a job of up to 60 minutes. Past one hour, the rate continues at $65 per hour charged in 15 minutes increments.

In cases where two or more people are involved in the work, the base fee of $35 stays the same, but each worker is charged at a rate of $65 per hour, which is charged at a minimum of one hour’s work.

Example 1: One handyperson arrives to complete a job in under 60 minutes – total charge of $35 + $65 to equal $100 + HST.

Example 2: Two handypeople arrive to complete a job in under 60 minutes – total charge of $35 + $130 to equal $165 + HST.


For painting services, we quote per job based on the condition of the space to be painted, the amount of work to be done, and any special requests. For a ballpark figure for illustrative purposes only, we would likely charge $1500 for materials and labour to fully paint a typical 1 bedroom condo in downtown Toronto that is in average condition, including closets, doors and frames.

Unique Circumstances

Sometimes there are unique situations where it makes more sense to quote on a “per job” basis, such as with drywall repairs, since they don’t take long but require repeated visits to complete, due to dry time allowances. In cases like this, we can work with you to quote on a per job basis to make it more economical for your wallet.