On the Google hunt for “female handyman Toronto”?

If you’re online looking up “female handyman Toronto”, don’t worry, I won’t be offended if it wasn’t “handywoman Toronto” or something of that sort instead. I get it – handywoman doesn’t even really exist as a word. Except for those who really mean to use it. I constantly need to override my system’s own autocorrect just to have it type “handywoman” instead of “handyman” anytime I’m on my computer or phone.

Whatever the case, you’re probably searching for a female fix-it-and/or-repair-it type person for a reason, since it’s a niche field in Toronto that is stereotypically dominated by males. Some of the reasons I’ve come across for people either seeking out a female, or me personally, come down to this:

  • A fellow female, sometimes with children, sometimes single, or a combination of the two, who doesn’t feel comfortable having an unaccompanied male stranger come into their home or personal space for any period of time.
  • Someone who wants to support the inclusion of all genders in the workforce, in all occupations or careers, especially when a particular job is stereotypically dominated by one gender over another.
  • More specific to me personally, I’m very detail-oriented and conscientious in the way I carry out my work and how I tidy up after the job is done. [This is not to say that males cannot be the same! I’m just acknowledging this here as a personal attribute]
  • With my sales background in the service industry, I understand what it means to be on time, presentable, personable, committed to the work & timeline, and accountable. Merging my approach from years in sales with the hands-on detail of handywork around a condo means that I provide a great experience from initial contact to final connection.

On the flip side of things for me personally, I also like knowing that I’m being hired by a female, because I’m also sometimes in the position of entering a stranger’s house and I need to “suss” it out quickly to make sure it’s legit so that I can complete the necessary work safely and without any dishonesty from the hiring side.

Whatever the gender, everyone wants to hire someone who can get the job done professionally, neatly, and at a reasonable cost. I’m up for the task, and know my limits too, so you’ll never have to worry about me taking something on that I can’t complete.

So, with all of that said, if you’re looking to connect on a downtown Toronto condo repair or improvement job, reach out on my Contact page right here. I’m glad you found me, whether you searched “female handyman toronto” or anything else!



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