Bathroom caulking repair – Why it’s important to do

Have you ever seen a bathtub with peeled and cracked caulking surrounding all of the edges? This is usually accompanied by black mould growth, making it quite a sight to be seen. Not only is it repulsive, after all, who wants to clean themselves in a dirty environment, but it poses a serious risk to major financial and health issues down the line if not attended to in full.

It’s imperative to always keep an eye on the maintenance of your caulking in bathrooms and kitchens, especially if you have tenants and aren’t regularly attending to this, particularly because it’s such a quick and easy fix to avoid thousands of dollars in damage. 

The big risk with cracked caulking comes from the water that will be able to penetrate behind the walls, hidden away from view, and multiply mould growth into the walls around the bathroom. By the time it spreads throughout the walls, the only way to remediate the problem is to fully rip out the tiles, tub & walls, clean and dry the surfaces, and refinish the bathroom. When the price to avoid this is simply some inexpensive tools and materials as well as a couple of hours of time at most, it’s obvious what route to take. 

The types of caulking sealants available range in colour, durability and longevity. There are clear, solid white, almond or bone colours readily available, and more colour options on the market with a bit more investigation, so matching a colour shouldn’t be an issue. Most builders use cheap caulking, which in my experience only lasts a few years at most before requiring repair, but other products on the market can last up to 10 years of wear and tear. 

Depending on the severity of the need, a caulking replacement job can be done within about one hour, or at most with two separate short visits of a few hours in total to allow for air drying time in between visits. 

Redoing bathroom or kitchen caulking is the kind of work that HandywomanToronto loves to help with in downtown Toronto condos. Please reach out to have us look after this aspect of condo maintenance for you!

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