A Toronto condo fridge replacement of the future – now!

Considering swapping out your current refrigerator for a newer model? Samsung has just released the new Family Hub fridge that will have you re-thinking everything about what a fridge can do for you. If you’re considering renovating your Toronto condo kitchen, definitely consider this appliance option.

Part fridge and part super-large tablet, the list of things this fridge can do beyond keeping your food cold and fresh is seemingly endless: Play music, synch what you’re watching in one room with what displays on the fridge, show family calendars, display doodle/note options, order food directly from apps on the fridge, and share photos.

Perhaps my favourite function of the fridge is the built-in cameras that allow you to see inside of the fridge without opening the door. This isn’t just for retaining the cold temperatures inside for environmental efficiency – this is about being able to remotely see inside the fridge when you’re at the grocery store too! Imagine not having to second guess yourself in the produce aisle on whether you have enough carrots to make the carrot soup recipe you’re holding in your hand, simply by opening your smartphone app to see inside your fridge in real time. I love this idea not only from a financial perspective for eliminating duplicate purchases, but also for its help in reducing Canada’s food waste problem. So much of a typical Canadian’s food goes bad before it is used, and being able to know what’s in your fridge from a distance, particularly during impromptu stops at the grocery store, will absolutely help us reduce food waste.

If you’re as keen to learn more about this fridge as I was when I first learned about it, definitely check out the Samsung website right here for more information.

Of course, Handywoman Toronto doesn’t handle appliance repairs, but for anything else around the condo, reach out to me here to see if I can help!

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