About us


The birth of HandywomanToronto originated in the mind of Larissa Doherty, who saw an opportunity to truly care for the owners and residents of the condos in Toronto’s downtown core. Often ignored or neglected by other handy people because of the potential difficultly accessing condo units due to ornery concierge staff, elevator co-ordination, parking challenges, etc., Larissa was able to see a way past that and into the homes of people who still legitimately needed the skill and experience of someone to handle general tasks inside a condo.

What do we value?

We care about the people we work for, and want to take the weight off their shoulders concerning a task they either aren’t interested in doing or don’t quite know how to do. It matters that we are indeed “hands-on” and able to problem solve our way through the challenges you face in fixing, painting or improving your condo.

What are we looking to create?

At Handywoman Toronto we want to show the world how we can run a handywork business without a big gas-guzzling truck. Whenever possible, we are mobile either by foot, public transit or bike to help reduce our carbon footprint.

The products we use are as environmentally friendly as we can possibly find, particularly concerning either no or low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints.

We also believe it’s not just men who can be handy. Larissa sees herself as equally capable with strong attention to detail and enjoys problem-solving her way through repairs to achieve perfect results.

What makes us different?

Just about everything 🙂 We’re punctual, dependable, responsive, technology-savvy, and we care! We will show up with a smile on our faces and in good spirits, and only leave when the job is done and you’re happy with the results. To see what kind of work we tackle, click here.

Our Services

We, at Handywoman Toronto, show up on time, as expected, and will complete any of the following tasks to help lighten your load:

Interior painting: Covering walls, ceilings, trim, closets, doors and anything else you need covered in a new coat of primer and/or paint.

Drywall hole repairs: Cleaning and tidying up nail holes, screw holes and any other large or small holes in your walls so that they look like new again.

Caulking: Removing and reapplying caulking for showers, bathtubs, and kitchen areas so that the surfaces behind your tiles are protected.

Hanging and mounting: Pictures, mirrors, towel racks, hooks, wire closet shelving, and all other sorts of light-weight mounting.

Furniture assembly: Taking care of putting together all sorts of furniture, from Ikea or otherwise.

Interior door handle changes: Change your handles or locks on interior doors to fix or refresh the look of your home.

Staging for rent or sale: Experience in not only getting your condo unit to show-level readiness on the walls, floors and details, but we can help accessorize your unit with lighting, furnishings and decor to make your space stand out from the crowd. Check out some of our before and after work right here!

Do you have a repair that needs to be done that you don’t see on the above list? Reach out to Handywoman Toronto and see if we can handle it. We’d be glad to do so if it’s something that we know we can do well for you!

Our Rates

Handiwork Fixes and Repairs

For handiwork services, we charge a base fee of $35 for a service call plus $65 for a job of up to 60 minutes. Past one hour, the rate continues at $65 per hour charged in 15 minutes increments.

In cases where two or more people are involved in the work, the base fee of $35 stays the same, but each worker is charged at a rate of $65 per hour, which is charged at a minimum of one hour’s work.

Example 1: One handyperson arrives to complete a job in under 60 minutes – total charge of $35 + $65 to equal $100 + HST.

Example 2: Two handypeople arrive to complete a job in under 60 minutes – total charge of $35 + $130 to equal $165 + HST.


For painting services, we quote per job based on the condition of the space to be painted, the amount of work to be done, and any special requests. For a ballpark figure for illustrative purposes only, we would likely charge $1500 for materials and labour to fully paint a typical 1 bedroom condo in downtown Toronto that is in average condition, including closets, doors and frames.

Unique Circumstances

Sometimes there are unique situations where it makes more sense to quote on a “per job” basis, such as with drywall repairs, since they don’t take long but require repeated visits to complete, due to dry time allowances. In cases like this, we can work with you to quote on a per job basis to make it more economical for your wallet.

Before & After

Handiwork – Radical Transformations

Take a look at some before and after photos to get a sense of the quality of handiwork we do for our clients. Move the “arrow” slider to the right and left to see the full scope of our before and after work!

Caulking on bathtub surrounds and counters

Bathtub caulking repairToronto tub caulking repair
bathroom caulking repairToronto caulking repair

Staging preparation and execution

before stagingafter staging

Drywall repairs and wall mountings

before drywall repairafter drywall repair and mounting

For some other handiwork services we provide, click here.



Reach out with a call, text or email:

Larissa Doherty
416.508.4413 (via text or phone call)